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Balloon flight schedules, availability & booking


To request a particular flight, you should either hold an Alba Ballooning voucher (see Flight Vouchers) or an affiliated Agency voucher (please have reference numbers to hand) else you will be automatically directed to purchase a flight voucher as part of the flight booking procedure. To proceed with a flight request, please click on the button next to the flight you wish to book and follow the instructions or you can of course telephone us (office hours) on 01875 830709 or email us at info@albaballooning.co.uk.


Please select the number of passenger places required:  
To only display a single location, select here:  


Please note that the stated meeting times are approximate (+/- 15 mins) and the actual meeting time will be confirmed upon weather check-in. 'yes' for 'Places available?' means that there are at least three places available, 'two' means just two places available and 'one' means just one place available (weight restriction may apply on all).


'cancelled' indicates that the flight has been cancelled due to unsuitable weather conditions. Passengers should rebook another flight as quickly as possible. We will try to provide weather cancellation notice as early as possible for passengers but DO NOT assume that a flight is going ahead if there is no 'cancelled' stated. ALWAYS call the Office to check.


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* 09:00 Flights from mid-October meet anytime between 8 am and 2 pm depending on forecast, decided day before.


  October   Meeting 
20  Friday 09:00* Edinburgh no murky/windy  
21  Saturday 09:00* Edinburgh no windy/rain  
22  Sunday 09:00* Kinross no windy/rain  
23  Monday 09:00* Edinburgh two windy/showers
24  Tuesday 09:00* Edinburgh yes
25  Wednesday 09:00* Kinross yes
26  Thursday 09:00* Edinburgh no  
27  Friday 09:00* Edinburgh no  
28  Saturday 09:00* Edinburgh one
29  Sunday 09:00* Kinross no  



* 09:00 flights may meet anytime between 8am and 2pm - decided day before.